CleanTech Cluster Latvia

Within the framework of European Structural and investment fund target European Territorial cooperation Central Baltic Sea Region Cross-border Cooperation Programme, SIA ZAAO is taking part in the project 'Central Baltic Cleantech Clusters expanding the East of EU markets' or CB2East (identification No. CB66) implemented by CLEANTECH LATVIA, Finnish Water Forum and Green Net Finland.

The aim of the project is to strengthen Central Baltic regional economic competitiveness, creating commercially orientated and mutually economically beneficial cooperation in the clean technology sector between clean technology clusters in Finland, Latvia, North-West Russia and Central Asia. The priority areas of the project are sustainable energy efficiency and water inspection solutions.

The implementation period of the project is 1 September 2015 – 31 May 2018.

The total funding of the project is 909 065 EUR, European Structural and Investment Funds is co-financing is 711 642 EUR.

CLEANTECH LATVIA's total budget in project is 298 435,00 EUR (the contribution of the European Structural and Investment Funds is 253 669,75 EUR, CLEANTECH LATVIA is  co-financing 29 844,25 EUR, State budget co-financing is 14 921,00 EUR).