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Duration: 01.07.2010. - 30.09.2010.

'Product Life Cycle from the Perspective of Sustainable Development' is a project implemented with financial support from Soros Foundation Latvia.

Project form: training in environmental education – an expedition
Project promoter: SIA North Vidzeme Waste Management Organisation (ZAAO)
Cooperation partner: Amata Primary School (Amata Eco-School), Amata County and Baumaņu Kārļa Viļķene Primary School, Limbaži County
Participants: 40 students (grade 7-9), four teachers
Project duration01.07.2010- 30.09.2010
Length of environmental education training- expedition: 5 days

The project 'Product Life Cycle from the Perspective of Sustainable Development' is financially supported by the Soros Foundation within the framework of the programme of Latvia’s sustainable development. Read more about the support directions of Soros Foundation Latvia:

Project's ultimate goal is to attract the attention to the the people and environment relations and identify the responsibility of the current generation for future generations. The project's objectives are to educate students on issues of product life cycle stages (resources, manufacturing, customer’s choice, waste management). The students will apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice: they will learn about resource procurement, product manufacturing, customer’s choice and waste management from the perspective of sustainable development. In cooperation with their teachers, students will approbate the contents of the practical tasks (10 worksheets) about stages of a product life cycle. The project promoter (SIA ZAAO) will prepare worksheets in electronic form and publish them on the homepage for public use. In addition, Amata Primary School- Eco-school - will share their experience in environmental education in the eco-school programme with their cooperation partner Baumaņu Kārļa Viļķene Primary School.


The Outcome of the Project: 

1. Forty students (target group students from grades 7-9) instructed on a topical environmental theme 'Product Life Cycle', including aspects of sustainable development
2. Ten worksheets of practical work elaborated and approbated in environmental education on the theme 'Product Life Cycle'
3. Worksheets 'Product Life Cycle' elaborated and designed in electronic format
4. Worksheets of practical work available for public use in educational institutions in North Vidzeme and Latvia 
5. Presentation for Latvia’s eco-schools prepared (~ 60 schools) about the project and its outcomes 
6. The schools involved have gained valuable experience in environmental education regarding sustainable development principles in our life and shared their experience with others. Environmental education in pictures





Reference Material for Students 'Product Life-cycle'

The reference material 'Product Life-cycle' can be used in nature science, interest education, class education lessons, student research papers in general education schools for grades 8-9. The aim of the reference material is to inform students about the stages of a product life cycle (resources, manufacturing, application, waste). 
The reference material has been developed in cooperation with Amata Primary School and Baumaņu Kārļa Viļķene Primary School.

The project has been implemented with the financial support of Soros Foundation Latvia, Sustainable Development Programme.