Community Education

SIA ZAAO has been active in the sphere of environmental education since 2001.

SIA ZAAO's environmental education activities are aimed at educating, informing and participation of the local community in improvement of environmental quality in one’s place of residence.

In order to provide modern, environmentally friendly waste management and pollution reduction in the surrounding environment, ZAAO offers both general and specific information. The contents and presentation methods of environmental education and information depend on waste producing target groups. The most important target groups are regional municipalities, ZAAO clients, educational institutions, and the community in general.

SIA ZAAO environmental education programm is being implemented at Nature and Technology Park URDA. URDA invites everyone to study everything about the environment by offering licensed educational programs, excursion to landfill DAIBE as well as other events and attractions.

URDA is located close to the landfill DAIBE where students are invited to go on a tour to learn more about the sorting and recycling of waste. They also are invited to learn more about the processes taking place in the landfill, for instance, reverse osmosis treatment process and the process of obtaining biogas and electricity from waste.

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