Collecting of Municipal Solid Waste

Collect of waste

1100 l container

For companies, offices and residential houses



For municipal waste collection

Municipal waste is produced in everyday life and is usually thrown unsorted into a waste container.

Every resident, company or institution in the region should participate in the waste management system organised by the local government by concluding a contract on waste management and paying respectively for the received services.

Signing a Contract:

  • The amount of waste produced by the company, institution or family is evaluated, considering the specific features of the operation and the number of people who will be using the container
  • The most appropriate container is chosen for the given amount of waste
  • Waste collection schedule is agreed upon.

During the period of the contract the type of container and the emptying frequency can be changed depending on the amount of waste. Changes in the contract are made based on a written application of the client.

ZAAO consultants will help to clarify all issues arising in the management of waste.