Municipal Waste Management in North Vidzeme Region of Latvia

No. 2001/LV/16/P/PE/006
Duration: 21.11.2001. - 31.12.2005.
Total costs: 4 780 906 EUR Cohesion Fund co-financing: 3 346 634 EUR

The goal of the project: to create an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable solid waste management system in North Vidzeme Region, complying with current national requirements and the requirements of the Regulations of the European Community. The waste management system will gradually be adapted to the conditions regulating the amount of waste, its hazard and treatment.

The Outcome of the Project:

  • Completion of building of waste landfill in Daibe (Stalbe Parish, Pārgauja County); supply of equipment: waste compactor, front-end loader. The building was accomplished by Consortium VENCEB & SCO, represented by AS VENCEB (leading partner). Supplier of technical equipment and waste sorting containers – SIA Volvo Truck Latvia. Supervision and construction in landfill Daibe was carried out by SIA Geo Consultants and BARRY International
  • Twelve dumping sites remediated    
  • Nine separated waste collection stations – Eco-Points - established
  • Supply of two garbage trucks and containers.