Urbanbiogas projekts

2011. gada maijs – 2014. gada aprīlis.
SIA „ZAAO” attiecināmās izmaksas projekta ietvaros ir - EUR 57 536 .

SIA “ZAAO” is implementing a Project IEE/10/251 “Urbanbiogas” within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)  

The general goal of the project is to promote the use of organic waste for biogas production in order to use biomethane in transport or inject it into the natural gas grid.

In total the project involves 11 partners from 6 countries. Besides ZAAO, another partner from Latvia is the environmental consulting company SIA “Ekodoma”. Valmiera City municipality is a cooperation partner in the project. Project duration is May, 2011 - April, 2014.

The project outcomes will be information and education of the community and institutions on environmentally friendly management of organic waste and implementation of a system of separated organic waste collection.  Eligible costs of SIA “ZAAO” within the framework of the Project – EUR 57 536.

More information: here