30 July 2004 is the launch date of SIA North Vidzeme Waste Management Organisation's participation in an international project of regional cooperation in the sphere of waste management - RECO. The countries involved are: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The project is planned for three years and is supported by the Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian Environmental Ministries and Environmental Protection Agency of Sweden.


The project's goals are the following:
• To help local governments to establish a well-functioning regional waste management centres
• To enhance competency and knowledge in the sphere of waste
• To help develop and/or update waste management plans
• To raise people’s awareness of waste management and waste sorting 
• To develop a waste management manual
• To supply information on waste management methods and technologies
• To stimulate investment processes.

The project provides the following activities:
• Support in the establishment of regional waste management centres 
• Regional waste management and management of specific waste workshops and exchange visits 
• Training programme
• Support for the elaboration and updating of waste plans and for the cost analysis of waste management
• Support for the development and implementation of an awareness raising campaign for the local community 
• Waste management exhibition and other demonstration site visits.