Baltic Environmental Forum

No. LV2003/005-876/MPF/0003

Project title 'Active Participation of the Community and Non-governmental Organisations – a Precondition for Implementing the Regional Policy of Effective Municipal Waste Management' (Project No. LV2003/005-876/MPF/0003)


Waste management is one of the priority environmental sectors. Both in Latvia and in Estonia waste management policy is based on the new European Union's principles, aims and objectives; therefore the involvement of the community is essential in order to achieve the goals. The activities implemented within the framework of the project will demonstrate how different groups of society could be involved in environmental protection, thus strengthening participation in nationally important processes.

The specific objectives:
1. To establish and promote Latvian and Estonian NGO cooperation and participation in the efficient implementation of waste management policy on a regional level. 
2. To support and increase the number of cross-border meetings of various groups of residents, especially young people. Different activities are planned for students, including experience exchange trips involving several meetings, discussions, international conferences, competitions and other activities. 
3. To raise society's awareness of cross-border activities and promote the European integration process by preparing and disseminating informative materials for local residents and specific target groups on their role in achieving the goals in waste management policy. 
4. To develop and enhance cooperation with local residents on both sides of the border with an aim to promote economic development, improve the living conditions and keep regular mutual contacts. 
5. To protect and improve the environment, including support for the local energy saving schemes and the utilisation of renewable energy resources. 

Project target group: non-governmental organisations both in North Vidzeme and in Viljandi County; schools (from Cēsis, Limbaži, Valka and Valmiera Districts); residents – mainly from Valmiera and Viljandi Cities; as well as local governments, Environmental Ministry and Valmiera Regional Environment Board.

Project Promoter:
Baltic Environmental Forum: organisation is responsible for project management, its contents (development of event programmes, methodology for students and residents, development of informative materials) and the technical facilitation of activities. Read more:

Cooperation Partners:


Balti Keskkonnafoorum – an active NGO in Estonia with experience in the promotion of cooperation and informing of the community in different spheres of nature protection. Balti Keskkonnafoorum will organise activities in Viljandi County, will be involved in implementation of the project activities locally and participate in all experience exchange events. There will also be publicity events to promote the achievement of the project goals. Read more:



Valmiera City Council – one of the largest North Vidzeme regional centres. The City Council is responsible for dealing with waste management issues in its territory; it has experience in the organisation of different  environmental education activities. Valmiera City Council will organise publicity events, participate in resident discussions and experience exchange conferences as well as conceptually support the project contents. Read more:

North Vidzeme Waste Management Organisation (ZAAO) will be responsible for municipal waste management in North Vidzeme Region. The outcomes of the activities will be analysed to find the best ways to practically implement of proposals for improvement of the waste management system in the region.