Collection of Sorted Waste

Waste Sorting:

  • Reduces the amount of waste deposited in the landfill
  • Contributes to saving natural resources as the materials sorted from the total waste flow become secondary raw materials and may be repeatedly used for the production of new goods or raw materials
  • Facilitates minimising the expenses for waste management as containers intended for sorting are emptied by ZAAO free of charge.

Since 2001 ZAAO has been introducing a separated waste collection system with an aim to collect secondary raw materials. The system provides the establishment of:

  • ECO Stations
  • ECO Points.

ECO Station has regular working hours; it is a fenced area with specially marked containers for the collection of separated waste. It is administered by the station manager who ensures order in the area, informs and instructs visitors on the principles of the ECO station's operation.

ECO Point is a pair of containers, one for glass packaging: bottles and jars, the other for used packaging: paper, cardboard, PET bottles, polyethylene and metal.