Landfill "Daibe"


Landfill "Daibe" is the North Vidzeme region municipal waste treatment and disposal place.


Working hours daily 8:00 - 17:00


Landfill "Daibe" is a fenced and guarded area for waste treatment and disposal monitored according to the legislative requirements of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia.
The landfill “Daibe" started its operation on 26 November, 2004 on the basis of the A Category permit issued by Valmiera Regional Environmental Office of the State Environmental Services. The permit is valid until 20 November, 2014.
With the support from the EU fund the landfill is not just an area for waste disposal, but a multi-functional WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTRE, providing:

• Waste preparation and treatment before final disposal;
• Waste disposal;
• Preparation of separated recyclable waste for further treatment in North Vidzeme region
• Composting of biodegradable waste;
• Leakage management;
• Biogas management;
• Generation of electricity;
• Environmental quality monitoring;
• Community education.


Successful waste management in the centre is provided by the 3rd stage of the European Union Cohesion Fund Project “North Vidzeme Municipal Waste Management. Perfection of Landfill "Daibe” Infrastructure” allowing to purchase waste crushing and sorting lines and building of the new disposal repository. Alongside modernisation of waste sorting and treatment, a lesser amount of waste is left for final disposal in the landfill.
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