• The place was chosen considering the procedure of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

• Stalbe Parish Council decision from 1 September, 1999, on establishing a landfill in Daibe, Stalbe Parish.

• 1 October, 2001: opening of the access road to the SWM in Daibe (photo)

• 9 March, 2003: landfill construction site (photo)

• 8 August, 2003: official ceremony of starting the construction (photo)

• 4 November, 2004: SWM landfill in Daibe (photo)

• Landfill building and supply of equipment are provided on the basis of successful implementation of the project "Municipal Waste management in North Vidzeme region” with the support of 70% co-financing from the EU. 
Read more about the project here.

• Modern, up-to-date, complying with legislation of the EU and LR. 

• Planned operational time: at least 28 years

• Total area for waste disposal: 12.96 ha

• Waste disposal is planned gradually in 3 waste disposal repositories.

• The first cell 3.16 ha, 385 000 m3 capacity scheme.

• Maximum height of the disposed waste in accordance with the surrounding scenery ~ 20 m.

• The area is fenced with a 2 m high fence and a ditch, and it is guarded.

• Each received waste truck is weighed photo.

• The accounting programme registers the supplier, contents of the load and the amount of waste.