Environmental Impact Assessment

After evaluating the compliance of offered sites with requirements for municipal waste disposal landfills the following four sites were submitted to Environmental Impact Assessment: farmsteads Vārnas – Slazdi in Kocēni Parish, Valmiera District (the sites were regarded as one area as geographically they are located close to each other), Bāle in Kauguri Parish and Daibe in Stalbe Parish, Cēsis District. The assessment was carried out by Environmental Impact Assessment State Bureau of Latvia. It should be noted that this was the first environmental impact assessment ever carried out in Latvia. The assessment is a detailed analysis of the site compliance with legal requirements of landfill building. The assessment includes an elaborate research of flora and fauna, geological control drilling, residents’ attitude, a. o. criteria. The assessment does not provide a final conclusion for selection of one or another site. The final decision is taken by the local government where the potential site is located.
Daibe, Stalbe Parish, Cēsis District 
On 1 September, 1999, Stalbe Parish Council made a decision to agree to building of MSW landfill in Daibe, Stalbe Parish
On 1 October, 1999, SIA ZAAO approved Daibe in Stalbe Parish as the site of the new landfill.
As of 1 December, 2004, the new municipal solid waste landfill is replaceing the existing dumping sites in North Vidzeme region.