SIA ZAAO Integrated Quality and Environmental Management Policy

ZAAO vision - SIA "ZAAO is establishing itself as a model company in the sphere of waste management in Latvia, recognised by its partners and the community.

Values - professional staff, high quality service, educated clients and state-of-the art technology.

SIA "ZAAO" offers high quality services in waste collection and disposal, including waste collection, transportation and disposal in an environmentally friendly way.

Core activity – waste collection and disposal services. SIA ZAAO sphere of operation is waste collection, sorting, storing, processing, loading, transportation, and disposal.

ZAAO provides its operation with:

  • modern technical equipment;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • high quality of service;
  • environmentally friendly operation;
  • progress towards sustainable development.

ZAAO practical operation is based upon the following criteria:

  • implementation and development of a rational waste management system;
  • collection, processing, temporary storage and disposal of the waste in an environmentally safe way and in compliance with LR legislation;
  • employment of competent staff and provision of their professional development;
  • provision of continuous improvement and development of the company;
  • information of the community about the current situation and envisaged measures in waste management;
  • dealing with all client complaints and taking all measures within the company capability to eliminate them;
  • supporting and promoting activities in environmental education in the sphere of waste management;
  • arrangement and maintenance of work environment and conditions to become an attractive employer for the staff so that they would be proud of working for this organisation.

ZAAO has set goals for the quality policy and defined objectives to achieve them.

ZAAO environmental policy is aimed at reduction of the negative impact of waste management on environment, at saving and purposeful utilisation of resources. The core activity of the company is promoting reduction of pollution in North Vidzeme and according to its ability the organisation is trying to reduce emissions.


The company aim is to increase the amount of collected waste, thus reducing uncontrolled waste dumping in unwarranted places; to develop and organise operation as an example of positive impact on environment and sustainable improvement.

ZAAO employees acknowledge the company policy of quality and environmental management and are consistently implementing it. The company has set environmental management goals and defined respective objectives for achievement of these goals.

ZAAO is implementing quality control and environmental management system in compliancy with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14 001:2004 standards in its everyday operation.